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Every patient has different needs when it comes to their chiropractic care. Dr. Summer ensures that her services will help her clients before she performs a session. A chiropractic consultation with the doctor will involve going over your health issues and laying out a plan for your care. After a thorough chiropractic exam, you can get the specialized care that fits your health status.

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What to expect during your first visit

What to expect during your first visit

Before your first session, you'll have a chiropractic exam with Dr. Summer. When you get a chiropractic consultation, you'll:

  • Discuss your health history
  • Talk about your health goals
  • Receive answers to your questions
  • Learn about the chiropractic process
  • Receive your first in-home session
Make sure you're a good candidate for chiropractic care. Speak with Dr. Summer now to set up an in-home consultation in San Antonio, TX.


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